Monday, November 7, 2011

The Winners

So here are the winners for Love For Fashion's birthday giveaways. I will either message you or email you and if you don't reply in 24 hours, I will pick a new one. I have to get the winners asap so 24 hours is all I can give. Thank you to everyone who entered and if you didn't win you can still get a chance to win  by going here. The winners were picked from and I did go through and make sure they did everything asked. :)

Day 1 winner of the Sigma Palette is
Day 2 winner of the Pink stuff is
Day 3 winner of the High Waisted Skirt is
Day 4 winner of the Ear Cuff is
Day 5 winner of the Necklace is
Day 6 winner of the Ipad Case is
Day 7 winners of the $80 at Romwe is and


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I won??? OMG I WON!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH ASHLEYY!!!!!!!! FHEJHGFUJDSHG!!! You cannot even fathom how excited/surprised/stocked I am!!! WAHFUSEHGDSHH!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU!!!!!! ^____^

  2. YES omg! thank you soo much! this is so exciting i've never won anything before! (:

  3. Thank you SO MUCH I love the sigma palette :) can't express enough of how excited I am! Thank you Ashley :) :)

  4. Please send me an email back asap or i'm picking another winner if you haven't yet.

  5. Hey Ashley, sorry but I haven't received any message from you? :) I originally put my contact address as but you can email me as well ( thank you!

  6. AHHH I'm so excited I won the Ear Cuff thank you so so much....I already sent you an email with all my information, if I missed something let me now... :) I'm so happy

  7. Hey Ashley!

    Just wondering if you've sent them yet, considering i still haven't received mine yet :(. I was getting worried haha. But thanks again btw.

    I'm Veronica Aguirre

    I had sent all my info through email previously right after you contacted me and I know I didn't take long to reply.

    thanks :)