Friday, October 28, 2011


Handmade Necklace by Rock Shop


      I would want to meet anyone who works with wedding dresses because I love wedding dresses! You could just message my tumblr (:

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      2) Probably Karl Lagerfeld because he's handling the biggest, well known designer brand today.
      3) You can reach me on my tumblr! (:

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      2. I want to meet Stacy London because she is the reason I will be majoring in Fashion Merchandising next year.
      3. You can message me on my tumblr :)

      i would want to meet someone who could give my boyfriend a leg up in the fashion industry so that he and we can live happily and financially stable in the future :)
      msg me on tumblr!

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      2.damn, there are so many to choose from.. right now, i would love to meet Christian, form the winner of project runway. He would be fun to talk to over a cup of coffee.
      3. please message me on my tumblr.

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      2. I would want to meet Bobby or Ben Hundreds. I've always been a fan of street wear and even though they cover male clothes. I've always loved their style.
      3. And you can just contact me on my tumblr

      I would probably meet Monique L’Huillier or Carolina Herrera because their new bridal lines are really classy and beautiful!
      Message on tumblr :)

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      2: i would love to meet twiggy, she has been such an influence in the fashion world, it would be just amazing to meet her!
      3: you can e-mail me at or message me on


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      2. I would love to meet Betsey Johnson. Her style is so quirky and out there, and you can just tell that her personality matches her clothes and she would be ridiculously fun to spend a day with.
      3. Message me on tumblr please!

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      2. hard question,but i guess tyra banks,because she looks really nice and sometimes funny and i would like to ask her soo much about her life and modelling and everything (:
      3. U can message me in my tumblr ;)

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      2. Betsy Johnson because she seems like such a fun and unique designer.
      3. tumblr or email

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      2. I would love to meet Stella McCartney, Jenny Packham, or Christian Siriano. Definately leaning more towards Jenny Packham though.

      3. You may contact me by email at: :) thanks!

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      2. ALEXANDER WANG / because I adore his clothes including his childrens girls line omfg so cute and I would want to personally ask him to customize me a dress in my size <3 and he's just fab in general.
      3. fb mee :)


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      2. Felice Fawn, she's a british model and websensation. She is the smartest person in the fashion industry whom I know of.

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      2 - Kanye West. Even though he's a new designer I LOVED his fashion debut. It was amazing and it proved that he's more than just a rapper. He knows fashion. (That mummy dress was HOT)
      3 -

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      2. I would wanna meet Carolina Herrera since I think she designs gorgeous gowns and I love almost every single one of them! :)
      3. You can always reach me on my tumblr ask, or if you want, you can email me at

      Thank you for doing this giveaway! It's soo nice of you :)

    17. and you can contact me on there :) I'd love to meet Miranda Kerr because I love her style.

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      2. I want to meet Anya, the winner of the most recent fashion runway. She just inspires me to make some diy clothes myself. her sense of fashion just blows my mind. she is a very talented person. :)
      3. Leave a message in my ask :)

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      2. I would love to meet Rachel Antanoff. I am just in loooooove with her collection.
      3. Tumblr.

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      2. Julie Verhoeven, I just admire her illustrations and creativity.


      My dream is to meet Kanye West. I love his music and other forms of art. I am so excited he's decided to crossover into fashion. I truly admire his courage to try new things and experiment. I believe he is one of the most honest artists we have, and I'm sure it will transpire into his in ventures fashion.

      I can be contacted through my tumblr(:

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      2. I'd die if I met Rachel Zoe. She is so fabulous, but often gets a bad rap. I think she just loves what she does and has made a wonderful name for herself and her brand. She is my fashion idol and I have so much respect for her.

      3. Email:

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      2. christian dior - he's not around anymore but I love what he did while he was around :)
      3. melange philia at hot mail dot com

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      2. vera wang, she doesn't just make clothes. it's as if she breathes life into fabric. she makes something beautiful and delicate that is almost especially made for each unique person who wears her clothes :)

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      2. donatella because she is just an absolute genius. everything that she designs is beautiful and she is a huge part of the fashion industry. if not her than coco chanel. even if she's dead, she started an entire fashion revolution. she's one of my hero's and the gift she had was just amazing, and being able to sit down and talk with her about everything she went through and everything she did would be a dream come true.
      3. you can message me on tumblr : )


      If I were able to meet anybody in the fashion industry, I'd have to go with Jeffrey Campbell. His lines of shoes are absolutely incredible, so bold and have so much flare they can give any simple outfit that perfect focal point, as well as add the last puzzle to the piece of some crazy get up. Along with following his blog and Tumblr, the inspiration he gives through the designers, outfits, and shoes he posts among other things, makes it wonderful to stand out and be bold. He is definitely a fashion icon of mine.



      If I could meet anyone, it would be Vera Wang, because she was the designer who inspired me to want to become a designer. A few years ago, I read her story about her entrance into the fashion industry when she was just 14, and her perseverance really captured me. She showed me that if I try and I believe, then I will be able to achieve my dream of making beautiful masterpieces out of cloth.

      2.Lauren Conrad!! I love her style, her style is always so classy and simple and perfect! She seems really amazing and it'd be a dream to meet her.

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      2. Stella McCartney. As a aspiring fashion designer myself, the limitless garments and creations that she makes with such limited textiles inspires me that I could do anything.

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      2. Katie Piper, for her perseverance through the worst of times.

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      2. Delfina Delettrez, I feel her style and craftsmanship is truly original, and her honeycomb/bee jewelry line is phenomenal.
      3. Ask box

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      2. Alexander McQueen - His creations were so visionary, unique and out of this world. I would have loved to see how his mind worked.

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      2. Twiggy- why not?! It's Twiggy! Beautiful, soft and, bold, yet subtle. She broke the mold for models. Proving that you didn't have to fit any certain mold.
      3. Messege me on my Tumblr :)

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      2. Timm Gunn, the greatest fairy godfather ever!
      3. I can be reached thru my tumblr