Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Pink Giveaway


    1. Tumblr: http://caledoniabradleylai.tumblr.com/
      If I could give back to one charity I would give back to child welfare scheme (CWS) because I think that what they do is important, it's important to grow up in a safe environment and to be educated well. I think that what CWS does is very beneficial to the children and more people should recognize it and support it. They help disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in Nepal. They work closely with local Nepalese organisations, on projects which are child-focused, child-friendly, and aim to empower children and communities to create a brighter future for themselves, instead of just giving money to them they educate the children with abilities which they can further develop and go down that route as a job.
      Email: cally.lai@hotmail.com

    2. Hello,

      My tumblr account is:

      If I could give to any one charity it would be "The American Cancer Society". I have a uncle who has been battling cancer for 4 years so it just hit really close to home.

      And you can just message me on my tumblr. Thanks :)

    3. my tumblr is jess-enchanted.tumblr.com

      and if i could give back to a charity, i would probably pick Children's Wish Foundation. This charity brings kids' dreams to life from all over the world who have life-threatening illnesses. A lot of the time, kids who are diagnosed with a disease don't understand why they are suffering, so I feel it is important to bring a smile to their faces through Children's Wish Foundation.

      I can be contacted in my ask on tumblr, or by email at unreality.xo@hotmail.com

      thanks again for this lovely opportunity! :)

    4. http://prettynelly1.tumblr.com/ Tumblr
      If I could give back to a charity it would be the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation because my uncle died from this disease.
      ms.rozier@yahoo.com email

    5. blog: http://www.freshairandfashion.blogspot.com
      tumblr: sofastrout
      I would give back to a charity that rescues animals/no kill shelter.

    6. awesomenblah.tumblr.com

      The Charity I would give to is Ronald McDonald House. After volunteering there and meeting with the families who have kids in hospitals I realized just how amazing this organization is to help families who have to travel to distant hospital live comfortably and without having to deal with all the added expenses.


    7. 1.http://loveforfashionandbeauty.tumblr.com/
      2.I would give to Melanoma Research Foundation because my grandmother passed away from it when she was only in her 50's, the doctors never detected it at an early stage. It took her life very fast.
      3.Leave a message on my blog

    8. 1. thuylinhxD.tumblr.com
      2. if i could give back to a charity, I would do so by giving back to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Now, I don't know anybody that goes to St. Jude for treatment nor do I know any child with cancer, but i feel that children should have a fighting chance against something that is stripping their childhood away. I've seen plenty of stories of children with cancer and they just spend most of their days indoors and dreaming. They are forced to mature earlier than other kids so that they can know what is going on with their bodies. they have to think of both the good and bad outcomes that lie ahead of them. they shouldn't have to live with "what if's" floating about in their mindswhile they are stuck inside; they are children that should be running free and enjoying their childhood.

      3. you can just message me in my ask box.

      I just wanted to say that its great knowing you did this giveaway as you did. and its also helps spread the awareness of all charities because you told people to tell why they chose the charity they chose. :)

    9. My tumblr is

      I think if I had the money to give to a charity I would rather buy a home for my great grandparents. They've been living uncomfortably in a single wide trailer in the middle of nowhere for decades and now that they're getting older it's getting harder and harder for them to move around. I would rather they had more room to move in and were close enough to town that someone would be able to get to them quickly should something happen. If I had money after that I would use it to fund research on pancreatic cancer. My step-dad's mom is currently in the hospital for that particular cancer and the doctors don't seem to know much about it.

      Thanks for your time.
      You can message me on tumblr or you can email me at athenathenotsowise@hotmail.com .

    10. chic-obsessed.tumblr.com

      If I could give to a charity it would be to Lupus Foundation of America. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that my one of my best friends was diagnosed with in 8th grade so it is very close to my heart. I would give back to this charity because I would want to help find a cure for this disease because I see how much pain my best friend is in from time to time and I wish I could help.

      contact: duh_nisha@yahoo.com

    11. 1. sweetloveshowa.tumblr.com
      2. Make-A-Wish Foundation. I've been donating there for a long time because the concept appealed to me when I was younger.
      3. kims_on_crack[at]hotmail[dot]com

    12. soacea.tumblr.com
      I would donate to St.Judes. They help children who have cancer, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment or not. So many of us are incredibly lucky to not be sick.
      melange philia at hotmail dot com or my ask box is fine!

    13. dontgetitfuckedup.tumblr.com
      I do/would donate to Keep a Breast foundation. I love Breast cancer awareness month, I've lost 4 family members to breast cancer so I try to do what I can to help. Inbox is fine(:

    14. 1. cacachanel.tumblr.com
      2. The wildlife conservation program because animals are just as important as humans.
      2. cacachanel.tumblr.com/ask

    15. devilinacocktaildressOctober 18, 2011 at 11:54 PM


      I would donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society because when my mother was 12 she was diagnosed with leukemia. She fought for close to 8 years. Getting spinal taps once a month, dropping to a lowest weight of 74lbs at the age of 15, going through radiation. She finally was put in remission at the age of 19. And 5 years later was lucky and healthy enough to have me. I think the LLS deserves as many donations as they can get, they help to save lives and raise awareness for people of all ages/race/gender everywhere that are sadly diagnosed with these diseases.

      contact- you can leave a message on my tumblr or email at zombiescumqueen[at}aim[dot]com

    16. http://nicoleonlywalks.tumblr.com

      I would donate to American Cancer Society because it definitely hits home with me and I've always wanted to help them in any way possible, and now that I'm an adult, I want to be able to change the world and start off by donating to ACS.


    17. 1. imrainren.tumblr.com
      2. Philippine Red Cross because they save every filipino's lives.
      3.you can message me on my tumblr.

    18. 1. jackifer.tumblr.com
      2. Stand Up 2 Cancer, because my mom just recently was diagnosed and finished treatment for ovarian cancer.
      3. tumblr ask box please!

    19. http://alga-94.tumblr.com/

      If you could give back to a charity which would it be and why?
      I would give to a charity that helps kids with cancer, this has always been an issue important to me because I wish to pursue a career in pediatric oncology.

      Leave a way for me to contact you if you win. Either your email or tell me I can leave a message on your blog/tumblr. Do not post any personal information in your comment (your number or address).

      leave a message on my tumblr or email me at:

    20. 1. http://ohheydianna.tumblr.com/
      2. I would donate to a research lab to do Stem Cell research. I see that there is a lot of good that can come out of stem cells because they can potentially be any cell. That can help solve many of the diseases we have today.
      3. Message on Tumblr.

    21. Hi, my name is Annie, my tumblr is www.tumblr.com/babyandmamabear, which is where you could contact me.

      If I could give to any charity it would be to the Matthew Shephard Foundation, which is focused on bringing light to our community about compassion. I have known too many teenagers and young adults who have been bullied to the point of tears. Whether it be for their sexual orientation, their looks, or their intelligence, I wish I could erase hate and prejudice. Sometimes these words hurt to the point where they kill themselves or a group of kids kill someone for being "different," like Matthew. I, unfortunately, have been a victim of prejudice and have been hurt by words. I hope that, one day, no one feels what I once felt or go through what Matthew did. May he now be able to rest in peace.

    22. 1. ofthreadandmind.tumblr.com

      2. I love the ASPCA, because they're sane and genuinely are there to help abused animals (looking at you, PETA). I'd help them out anyway I could.

      3. teena.doan@gmail.com or through my Tumblr is fine. :)

      Thank you for doing all of the giveaways!

    23. 1. my blog is adesignernamedfee.tumblr.com
      2. I am an education major so if there was anything i would be apart off it would helping fund the arts in schools since it gets the least recognition in the curriculum.
      3.my email is afia_kyeremeh@yahoo.com or through my tumblr because I do check it on a daily basis :-)

    24. My tumblr is lovestocolor.tumblr.com, which you can message me by :)

      There are so many charities to choose from! If I were to donate to a charity organization, it would be one dedicated to domestic violence prevention because I understand what it is like to be verbally/physically abused, and I believe it's something that no human being should have to go through, regardless of gender or age. It can be difficult to recover from a relationship where one has been through so much emotional, mental, and/or physical damage. Personally, it's nice to know that there are others, strangers even, out there who are willing to offer help and support, and to have a place where one can really feel safe. If I can help do just that, I would donate my time, energy, and money to a domestic violence charity.

    25. Hi, my tumblr is ahniesdays.tumblr.com ; and you can message me on tumblr. If I could give back to any charity, I'd give back to the Make-A-Wish foundation because what they do is phenomenol and the concept behind it is so touching.

    26. Tumblr: chrissyswonderland.tumblr.com
      Blogspot: chrissyswonderland.blogspot.com
      You can message me on either :)
      There are so many charities I would love to give back to, but any involving helping children would be at the top. St. Judes or an organization like Compassion International. No child should have to suffer because they don't have the means to pay for healthcare or for food and water. Any organization that helps in alleviating children's suffering deserves support.

    27. Tumblr: http://ninaahbless.tumblr.com
      Email: f.nina.p@gmail.com

      The one charity I would give back to would be UNICEF (united nation's children's fund). I am currently in nursing school and part of my college's UNICEF organization. I've always known that I wanted to work with children and the medical field. For me becoming a nurse is much more than the bedside care that many people overlook. What I want to do is help people in the recovery process of their illness, more specifically I want to help children who are ill. The fact that the nurse is with the patient more than the physician and is giving a different kind of care, a care where the nurse is with the patient every step of the way is what I love. I would use my nursing degree and knowledge to give back to UNICEF where my ultimate dream would be to give the same care that I would give here in the US to children in developing countries where such care is rare.

    28. http://itscherry.tumblr.com/
      anything related to cancer really
      just tumblr

    29. Tumblr: liesareforever.tumblr.com
      Charity: If I could give back to one charity, I would most likely give back to the SickKids Hospital Charity because they have personally helped me so much in the past and it would be great to give back :) Also because I know what it's like to be in the place of those children and if I could help, I would. Not to mention that I've always loved working with kids and it's a great feeling to make a child smile and feel happy.
      Contact: overlea.castro@hotmail.com/tumblr ask box :)

    30. 1) chellebuni.tumblr.com
      2) The charity I would give back to would be Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation because some of my family members are affected with diabetes, and if I could, I would help everyone with diabetes.
      3) You can message me on my tumblr :]

    31. 1. aripewp.tumblr.com

      2. There's so many charities I would love to give back to if I could; it's hard to choose. But if I had to pick one it would have to be St. Judes. So many children each day don't get to live there life to the fullest because of cancer. The children are so sweet and amazing capable of so much. If there's even one thing I could do to help one of these children, even if it's just a little bit, I would in a heartbeat. They deserve so much more than what they get.

      3. aripewp@yahoo.com

    32. eatsleepdrinkshoplove.tumblr.com
      I would give money to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Every last dime.

    33. 1. ireneclaire.tumblr.com
      2. I would give back to Autism Speaks. I think it is an amazing charity. I currently work with autistic children and the progress in the field is wonderful. It would be great for them to be able to develop more programs for autistic children.
      3. You can leave a msg on my tumblr.

    34. 1. dulcessica.tumblr.com
      2. If i could give back to charity it would be for livestrong because no one likes cancer and we all wish it didn't exist and also because some of my family members have died from cancer so i really would like to give back.
      3. You can leave me a message on tumblr.

    35. 1. pearlsandrubies.tumblr.com
      2. I make a monthly donation to UNICEF. I really like the idea of helping an international children's charity, even though I can only manage a small donation.
      3. You can leave me a message on tumblr.

    36. 1. sayshh.tumblr.com
      2. Cambodia World Family Dental and Oral Health Aid Project - I study dentistry, which is my passion and dream, and through that I have learnt the utmost important of good oral health in all people, regardless of their situation. Not enough people realise the importance of good oral health, especially in third world countries such as Cambodia.
      3. vivianhuynh_@live.com

    37. 1. doreese.tumblr.com
      2. You already know girl-- one day's wages human trafficking fund. But really, any organization combating exploitation and human trafficking. Why? Because it makes no sense how this old slavery concept exists in our 21st century today. I know there are tons and tons of world problems and poverty issues and people always ask me, why human trafficking? instead of like things that seem more "important" like water or food or health buttt it's exactly for that reason. BECAUSE it doesn't HAVE to exist. Women and children getting tricked and kidnapped all over the world, to find out their lives have come to a dead end not bc they have no food or an illness, but because they're about to become products of sex. It just honestly cringes my heart that there are like 7 year olds in Asia who are being sold for sex. It needs to end.
      3. You know where to find me :)


    38. Tumblr: pantasyworld.tumblr.com
      If I could give something to a charity, I would choose "Bantay Bata." It is a charity for abused children. The charity also offers scholarship for the children. I chose it because I would like the children to feel special and to make them realize that there is still a bright future for them.
      E-mail ad: patricia_cutelady@yahoo.com
      my Tumblr ask is also open.

    39. Tumblr: thatsmejoanne.tumblr.com

      If I could donate to a charity, I would choose ASPCA ( The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ). I chose this because I am an animal lover, I own a lot of cats ( probably too many to count, but I swear Im not some crazy old cat lady, lol.) and a turtle and I adore and love them very much. I wouldn't want anything to happen to them and I wish the same for every animal out there in the world. It breaks my heart when i see images or news about abused animals. I want to help prevent such things from further happening. :)

    40. my tumblr is : rock-star-beauty.tumblr.com
      If I could donate to a charity, I would choose: GirlUp ( Uniting girls to change the world)it gives girls the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe,and to be a future leaders.
      you can messege me on my tumblr: http://rock-star-beauty.tumblr.com/ask

    41. 1. carrrieeex3.tumblr.com
      2. If I had to choose a charity it would be the Make-A-Wish foundation. Those kids have been suffering tremendously and would give anything just to live another year, a month, a week, or even a day. They don't expect much but only have that one wish. The Make-A-Wish foundation goes above and beyond to make sure that the child can have at least another happy memory to look back on.
      3. tumblr msg

    42. My tumblr: http://katiemarian.tumblr.com/
      If I could give back to any foundation it would be the Pink Ribbon Club Foundation. I would give back to this organization because it promotes clubs in schools that raise awareness about Breast Cancer. Me and my best friend started a club at our school for this organization because both of our moms had battled breast cancer and it means a lot to us.
      And you can you message me on tumblr :)

    43. ~ hellosaranghae.tumblr.com
      ~ If I had to choose a charity, it would have to be the American Cancer Society. Its been a very special organization to me and I would love to be able to give another birthday to the strong women who deserve it.
      ~ I can be messaged through tumblr :3

    44. 1. im-inlikewithyou.tumblr.com
      2. I would give back to the American Cancer Society because my mother is a survivor of a small skin cancer scare. Also, I participate in Relay for Life, a organization part of ACS that fundraises competitively.
      3. Message through tumblr is good(:

    45. 1. maryangeline.tumblr.com
      2. I would give to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention because I have lost someone and know how devastating it feels.
      3. Message me on my tumblr

    46. 1: http://teresacoco.tumblr.com/
      2: I would give back to American Cancer Society, because my grandmother died from breast cancer, and my uncle died from liver cancer. Its just sad to think that thousands of other people are going through what i have had to go through. My school does many fundraisers for American Cancer Society, but i just think that there is more i could be doing.
      3: You can e-mail me at wilkinson1996@bellsouth.net or message me on Tumblr.