Monday, October 17, 2011

About The Giveaways.

I decided about a month ago that for Love For Fashion's second birthday I wanted to give back. A great way to give back to my followers is by doing giveaways. I was only going to do just on for the birthday which is October 18th but I decided to do a whole week. So this week I will be doing a giveaway each day from Monday the 17th to Sunday the 23rd.

I wanna say thank you so much to my followers and without yall I wouldn't be able to do it and be were I am now.

The Birthday Bash is for girls I realized that after the fact but Sunday hopefully I'll have something that is unisex. I will be hopefully doing a giveaway for guys soon.


  1. how do you determine who wins?

  2. It is randomly picked. I will look through and make sure they do everything I say. I will put it in a spread sheet than do like a random pick.